Swisher Sweets cigars are one of the most popular cigar brands in America. Their mild flavor, sweet aroma and low price makes them an attractive choice for a wide range of smokers. Whether you’re looking for a quick smoke break or something to share with friends, Swisher Sweets has become the go-to cigar for many smokers.

Swisher Sweets cigars have been around since 1861, when it was founded by David Swisher in Ohio. Throughout its long history, the brand has experienced several changes but it continues to be recognized as an iconic American tobacco product. Over time, Swisher Sweet has become increasingly popular amongst cigar enthusiasts due to its quality and affordability. Not only that, but their unique flavors make them stand out from other cigar brands on the market today.


Swisher Sweets Diamond


Swisher Sweet Diamond cigars are the perfect addition to any humidor. These premium hand-rolled cigars offer a mild, yet flavorful taste that will satisfy even the most discerning cigar aficionado. Each Swisher Sweets Diamond is made using only the highest quality tobacco and aged for at least two years in order to bring out its natural sweetness. The robust flavor of these premium cigars has made them a favorite choice among connoisseurs and everyday smokers alike.

The mellow yet full-bodied aroma of Swisher Sweet Diamond cigars makes them particularly enjoyable when shared with friends on special occasions or after a long day’s work. They come in an array of sizes, making them perfect for sharing or enjoying solo.


Swisher Sweets Discontinued


Swisher Sweets, one of the most popular cigarillos on the market, has been discontinued due to a recent change in production. This decision was made by Swisher International, Inc., the parent company of Swisher Sweets, after nearly 30 years as a mainstay within the industry.

Swisher Sweet have seen a decline in popularity in recent years as new flavors and styles have emerged within the cigarillo space. However, many smokers swore by this classic brand for its consistent taste and affordability. In addition to being well known for its original flavor, other popular varieties included grape, strawberry, peach and natural wrap flavors.

Though Swisher Sweets will no longer be available on shelves or online stores, loyal fans can still stock up if they can find them at their local store or elsewhere before supplies run out for good.


Swisher Sweets Blunts


Swisher Sweets Blunts offer an enjoyable smoking experience that is sure to satisfy. These blunts are made using only the highest quality premium tobacco, providing a smooth taste and aroma for connoisseurs of cigars. Perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own, Swisher Sweet Blunts offer a unique and flavorful smoking experience.

Made from natural wrappers and fillers, this cigar provides the classic flavor Swisher Sweets fans have come to expect. With its bold flavors, these blunts are perfect for any occasion – from casual get-togethers to special celebrations. Whether you’re looking for something mild or something robust, there’s a Swisher Sweet Blunt which will be sure to please your palate!


Swisher Sweets Cigarettes


Swisher Sweets Cigarettes offer a unique smoking experience for those looking for something more than traditional cigarettes. Whether it’s the sweet taste or the unique aroma, Swisher Sweet have taken the world of cigarettes to new heights.

Swisher Sweets are well known for their variety of flavors and aromas that can create an unforgettable smoking experience. From classic tobacco to exotic fruit, there is a flavor profile to satisfy every smoker’s needs. Not only that, but these flavored cigarettes provide a smooth and mellow smoke with every puff. With its practical packaging, Swisher Sweet Cigarettes are easy to carry around wherever you go and make it easy to share with friends!

So if you’re looking for something more than just regular cigarettes, then look no further than Swisher Sweet Cigarettes!


Swisher Sweets Wholesale


When it comes to finding great quality cigars at an affordable price, look no further than Swisher Sweets Wholesale. For over 150 years, Swisher Sweets has been providing customers with a top notch product that can be enjoyed by all cigar enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality and affordability is unmatched in the industry and we strive to provide our customers with unbeatable prices on all our products.

The Swisher Sweets Wholesale collection includes a variety of styles from traditional flavors like original and sweet, to unique varieties such as strawberry, grape and peach. We also offer specialty items such as blunts for those looking for something a little different. All of these are available in bulk orders, making them perfect for businesses or retail stores looking for large quantities at wholesale prices. With our selection of blends, sizes and flavors there is something for everyone!

Swisher Sweets Wholesale is the perfect option for all your Swisher needs! With a range of sizes and flavors, there’s something for everyone within our selection. Whether you’re looking for the original classic cigarillos or one of our new exotic fruit-flavored options, we’ve got it all. Our wholesale prices are unbeatable, giving you more bang for your buck. Plus, ordering in bulk ensures that you’ll never run out of stock again.

Choose from full boxes to individual packs, ensuring a variety of flavors and sizes meet your needs every time. We guarantee quality and freshness with each order as well as fast shipping nationwide. Get ready to start stocking up on all the Swisher Sweets you could ever need – at wholesale prices!