Our Fronto leaves are hand selected

from only the best growers in the Dominican Republic, bringing Caribbean flavor to the U.S. one leaf at a time.

All Natural

Heighten your senses with the aromatic flavor of Fronto tobacco leaves, and feel confident in using our product, which contains only the full leaf. We deliver the essence of the Dominican Republic to you. No additives. No. chemicals. No preservatives. 

Escalate your experience.

with the deep bold flavor of Fronto leaves.

Mixing old school and adventure…

…creates no boundaries.

You set the bar.

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar

You’re gonna go far, you’re gonna fly

You’re never gonna die, You’re gonna make it if you try

They’re gonna love you.

“Have a cigar” by Pink Floyd

It's time to use it


Our company was formed through a vision to share a culture and lifestyle with the world.  Similar to a fine wine, our fine tobacco leaf has a unique flavor and can be paired with any smoking products to elevate any experience.  We offer organic Fronto tobacco leaves, all-natural hemp rolling papers, and all-natural cigar tips. These are available by retail (brick and mortar) or wholesale.

Our Fronto leaves are farmed and processed exclusively for our Hot Skull brand, and imported from the Dominican Republic.  Our fresh tobacco product comes in a full leaf and have a lower-strength nicotine level, with notes of chocolate aroma from our natural curing process. This type of leaf is traditionally used for cigar leaf wrappers or binders, although with a full leaf you may modify its form for your specific use.

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Hot Skull Inc.

(818) 925 – 5323

1800 Industrial Rd

Las Vegas , NV 89102

United States of America

I love how your leaf burns, it’s smooth, not thick at all, they’re great for wraps no more backwoods for me, good looking Hot Skull! .

William F.

Sacramento, Ca

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