Swisher Sweets are a unique type of cigar that have long been part of the smoking culture. A favorite among many people, they are often used in social gatherings and celebrations. But what exactly are they?

As their name implies, Swisher Sweets give off a sweet aroma and flavor. Made with natural Cuban-seed wrappers, they provide an enjoyable taste that is both smooth and rich. As if this isn’t enough, these cigars also come in a variety of sizes and flavors to choose from, including grape, strawberry, peach, vanilla and more!

No matter the occasion or preference for flavor or size – Swisher Sweets offer something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for something to smoke during your weekly card game or simply want to try something new – these unique cigars will be sure to satisfy.

Swisher Sweets is a popular cigar brand that has been around since the late 1800s. Swisher Sweets are small cigars with a mild and sweet flavor, made from a combination of natural and artificial ingredients. The cigars come in many flavors, including original, grape, strawberry, honey berry and peach.

Swisher Sweets are most commonly used for smoking purposes. They provide a quick but satisfying smoke break anytime you need it. They come wrapped in foil or cellophane to keep their freshness and can be cut down to the desired size with either scissors or cigar clippers if necessary. Additionally, Swisher Sweets are also sometimes used as an ingredient in homemade dishes such as macaroni & cheese or chili. By adding Swisher Sweets to your dish you can bring out intense flavor notes of sweetness without overpowering its other components.


Swisher Sweets Cigars


Swisher Sweets Cigars have been a popular choice for cigar aficionados for years. These cigars, made by Swisher International, Inc., are known for their mellow and sweet taste that appeals to many smokers. With over 150 years of experience in the tobacco business, Swisher Sweets Cigars offer an array of flavors and sizes that can satisfy any smoker’s preference.

Available in classic varieties such as original, grape, cherry and honey berry, these cigars provide a smooth smoking experience with just the right amount of flavor. For those seeking an even sweeter taste profile, Swisher Sweets also offers Blk Berry Fusion and Tropical Fusion variations. Each of these cigars is machine-made with premium quality Caribbean Basin Cuban seed filler tobaccos providing a consistent smoke every time.


Swisher Sweets Leaf


Swisher Sweet Leaf is the perfect choice for smokers who want a unique smoking experience. This product combines the classic Swisher Sweet cigarillo with a leaf wrap that provides a smoother flavor and more intense nicotine hit for those looking for an extra kick. It’s also great for users who are looking to make their own custom-rolled cigars, as it comes in three pre-cut sizes that can be filled with any filler of your choosing. The leaves are harvested from tobacco farms in Nicaragua, offering smokers a premium quality product made from one of the best tobaccos available.

Each pack contains 8 individually wrapped leaves, making them easy to transport and store without damage or loss of freshness.


Swisher Sweets Flavors


Swisher Sweet are a classic go-to for smokers seeking a satisfying and flavorful smoke. With an array of tantalizing flavors to choose from, Swisher Sweets is sure to have something that will tantalize the taste buds.

Their wide selection of flavors ranges from traditional favorites like Original, Sweet, Grape and Strawberry to more exotic options such as Peach, Mango and Island Berry. No matter what flavor you’re craving, Swisher Sweets has it. Their smooth smoke combined with the sweetness of their flavors make them a popular choice among cigar aficionados.

The perfect way to experience these delicious aromas is with Swisher Sweet cigars or cigarillos. Each one is crafted using only top quality tobacco that has been specially blended for an unbeatable smoking experience.

Swisher Sweets are a popular and beloved brand of cigarillos known for their unique flavors. For those looking to experience something new, they can find the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors in Swisher Sweets. From milder blends to bolder tastes, there’s something for everyone.

For those who enjoy classic flavor combinations, Original Swisher Sweet offer a traditional taste that is both smooth and pleasant. For those looking for something with a bit more kick, Sweet & Natural have an unforgettable flavor with hints of honey and vanilla. Those who seek the ultimate indulgence may opt for Wine Swishers, a delightful mix of red wine flavors blended together with natural tobaccos.




Swisher Sweet has been a staple in the tobacco industry since 1958, and since then has become one of the best-selling cigars on the market. Swisher Sweet have something for everyone – from their classic original cigars to the more modern flavors like Grape and White Grape, these are a sweet treat that cigar enthusiasts look forward to every time. The company’s commitment to high quality and flavor makes them one of the most popular brands out there.